I found your stories and poems and support
for everyone truly inspirational.
You filled the air with magic!
Stuart Goodwin, March 2015

Lichfield Poetry for the People





“Brendan Hawthorne delivers a tour de force spot with the “Retirement Speech of a Black Country Ventriloquist”, filled with pathos and introspection.”

(Garry Pally and Uncle Larry) SNUG Feb 2011



 "An authentic Black Country voice, with a strong sense of place, whose message and words have universal appeal"

(November 2011) Gary Longden - Behind The Arras

November 24th 2011 – Bilston Voices

"Brendan Hawthorne is a firm favourite at Cafe Metro (the home of Bilston Voices).  He never fails to delight, whether it be the perils of homemade tank-tops and dodgy perms or the ingenious development of a ‘Sotnev’ (Black Country satnav) in a garden shed in Tipton.  The audience were laughing out loud from the start and still wanting more at the finish!  Brendan's warmth and humour is highly infectious.  Anybody that was at Bilston Voices last Thursday must be in no doubt that the Black Country dialect is alive and kicking and it's in safe hands!"
Emma P (MC Bilston Voices)

Bilston Voices

"After the interval, Brendan Hawthorne, who really should be crowned Wednesbury Poet Laureate, had us laughing to his poems about a childhood tank top knitted by his mother, having a perm as a teenager and going to a party. "

 Eileen Ward- Birch



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